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Unlimited storage space

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Earn money by sharing

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01
    What is PDisk?
    PDisk is a video hosting provider. We offer unlimited online storage, powerful uploading and streaming tools to you.
  • 02
    Why should I use PDisk?
    We offer fast video uploading & streaming support.
  • 03
    Can I search for files other people uploaded?
    No, all the videos are private. You can share you videos but can’t search others’ videos.
  • 04
    What kind of files can be uploaded?
    All video format files. Copyrighted material, pornography, nudity and any offensive material are strictly prohibited. Please refer to our TOS for more information.
  • 05
    How to delete a video I uploaded?
    To delete a video you uploaded you can use Delete Link that was provided to you after the upload process or delete it from My Videos page.
  • 06
    Can I hotlink the videos I upload?
    No. Hotlinking is not allowed on any kind of videos uploaded to our servers.